Re-Entry Plan 2020-2021

Re-Entry Plan 2020-2021

像所有的伊利诺伊州,roycemore响应covid-19全球爆发到2020年三月期间转移到远程学习平台,并在该方向上完成学年。我们很高兴与新 Health and Safety Re-Entry Plan我们正朝着开放式大学校园的二零二零年至2021年学年。能够启动校园指令是一个很大的好处,我们很高兴我们的社区成员提供。然而,我们意识到,其他家庭可能更愿意继续校外指令的原因有多种。我们正处在一个独特的地位,能够适应这两种类型的指令。因此,我们的 Academic Re-Entry Plan 2020-2021 includes multiple enrollment options for our Roycemore students. In-depth details for each division can be found below. 

“We have always made a point to address the individual needs of our students. Now, we are extending that effort to families who have their own needs and concerns.”

Adrianne Finley Odell Head of School

Student Experience

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Each student worked on their science projects this spring and then completed them by sharing their project's Hypothesis, Research, Results, and Conclusion with their peers via video using Flipgrid.

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Roycemore Faculty "Go the Distance" with Remote Instruction

Parent Testimonial

Roycemore really astounded us with the quality of their online learning during the sheltering for the pandemic.  The creative resources for math, grammar, writing, science, social studies and even social/emotional learning were chosen with much thought and used judiciously. Special projects that integrate the disciplines were also developed.  My child was stimulated, busy learning, not overwhelmed, but genuinely engaged.  The teacher offered synchronous learning twice a day to the group of students, cutting down my child’s isolation, creating a fun learning environment with math games, and encouraging student responses in real time.  She also kept my child accountable to the schedule with charts and emails, as well as having office hours for the children to ask any questions daily. As someone offering online classes at the university, I am keenly aware of the hard work Roycemore engaged in to create a truly excellent online learning experience. Bravo! 

– Dr. Regina Schwartz

Lower School Parent & Northwestern University Professor

Social Emotional Learning

Roycemore offers a small student to teacher ratio providing an environment where educators have a better chance to identify individual talents and unique needs of each student in their classroom. Teachers in smaller classroom settings have an opportunity to encourage and enlighten their students to understand their unique learning styles. Studies show that when children feel that they are a valuable part of their school community, participation rates rise in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Engagement also stimulates a sense of personal responsibility that helps students develop important leadership skills, problem-solving techniques, and teamwork ingenuity.

A strong student-teacher relationship gives kids the confidence to have a voice in class and feel comfortable taking risks socially and academically. Roycemore’s faculty values their relationship with students and parents, and strives to help them maintain a strong personal bond even through remote learning. These strong bonds allow teachers and students to navigate failure and cope with feelings of frustration, stress, and anxiety. Students who have a safe and supportive environment when those experiences arise start to see failure in a different light. This is shown to improve their social-emotional development and ultimately increase self-confidence in an authentic way.

“In the Early Childhood and Lower School at Roycemore, we creatively use tools and programs to attend to the students’ needs and social emotional growth. We are a “Leader in Me” school, and practice a proactive approach to developing leadership skills. We incorporate mindfulness into daily lessons with “Calm Classroom” and yoga. Morning meetings are a time to discuss various themes and grow our sense of self. These areas will be addressed in both on-campus and off-campus learning, through synchronous activities that foster student relationships. Social emotional learning is paramount here at Roycemore.”

– Darcy Aksamitowski

Roycemore Lower School Head 

“In Roycemore’s Middle School, we understand that before our students can grow as scholars, we need to create a safe and supportive environment where they can develop and flourish socially and emotionally.  We do this through a comprehensive, developmentally-appropriate social-emotional program that teaches critical life skills such as recognizing and managing emotions, solving problems, developing positive relationships, and using mindfulness techniques to improve cognitive performance as well as resilience in the face of daily stressors.”

– Adrienne Floro

Roycemore Middle School Head

“In Roycemore’s Upper School, Advisory becomes the students’ safe space.  Students choose their own Advisor who is their advocate.  Advisory activities are designed to provide both academic and social-emotional support. Additionally, Upper School students and teachers are encouraged to practice mindfulness to support their emotional well-being.  Because our Upper School is small, the wonderful relationships our teachers and students develop with one another is an additional, informal, but very powerful way in which students at Roycemore are supported.”

– Stefanie Rivera

Roycemore Upper School Head

Health and Safety Plan 2020-2021

Head of School Adrianne Finley Odell explains the multiple enrollment options for students such as taking on-campus or off-campus classes. Below we have provided detailed information about our new health and safety plan. 

Have Any Questions?

Please contact: 

Amanda Avery – Director of Admissions



Beth Shutters – Director of Curriculum & Innovation 



Darcy Aksamitowski – Lower School Division Head 



Adrienne Floro – Middle School Division Head 



Stefanie Rivera – Upper School Division Head 


Roycemore Head of School Shares Campus Re-Entry Plan

School-Wide Remote Learning

We launched a school-wide Remote Learning platform in March 2020 as a result of local and state health regulations requiring all schools to close their campuses. As part of that initiative, we created a Remote Learning Handbook and a Remote Learning Page to serve as resources for our families. Both of those resources are linked here and if another government-mandated campus closure should occur in the future, these resources will continue to be updated and available to serve our Roycemore families.